Stock Video vs 2nd Unit

Why The 2nd Unit Can Provide More Value

If you’ve produced any motion picture content at all, you know the importance of Additional Photography. Whether it’s stunts, inserts or b-roll, the shots assigned to 2nd Unit are critical to telling a captivating story.

A proper 2nd Unit team will deliver images that match the director’s style and vision and cut seamlessly with the rest of the film, show or commercial. They add production value and maximize both the schedule and the budget.

In the commercial space you can update a spot that works without the expense of re-shooting the entire ad.

So what about Stock Video?

Stock clips have their place if you’re looking for a very generic shot. No point in shouldering the expense of shooting a beach, sunset or a computer screen. There are a bazillion stock clips to be found for pennies. (Pond5 has some of the best.)

The problem with 99% of all stock photography, though, is it’s not produced with the intent of being captivating or even interesting. It’s produced to be relevant to as many situations as possible so it sells A LOT. Which means, not only does it look generic, it may be used for everything from selling hemorrhoid medication to tires. It’s not made to produce an emotion; it’s made to sell itself.

2nd Unit @ Ladies & Gentlemen, Inc

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